DUI Attorney Clearwater FLDUI Attorney Charles Holloway is Serving Clients in the Clearwater, FL, Area

DUI attorney Charles Holloway has been serving clients in the Clearwater, Florida, area for more than 30 years. Although he defends clients against a variety of criminal charges, one of his most common practice areas is DUIs.

Charles Holloway’s extensive experience as a DUI attorney, coupled with his continuing commitment to remain current on advances in the field, make him the ideal choice to represent you when you’ve been charged with a DUI in the Clearwater, FL, area:

  • He frequently participates in seminars regarding updates in applicable DUI laws, as well as developments in trial technique and strategy, to stay abreast of the latest advances.
  • He has the knowledge and experience necessary to represent you at trial as your DUI attorney, if your case is not settled or dismissed. He began trying criminal cases while he was still a law student at Stetson Law School and since then has tried more than 100 cases before a jury, including numerous DUI cases.
  • He has reduced numerous DUI charges to reckless driving charges.

When you attend your free initial consultation with DUI attorney Charles Holloway, he will review any documents that you have in your possession relating to your charges (potentially including tickets, complaints, police reports, and videos), and he will offer you a preliminary evaluation of your options and risks. After this review, he will consult with you regarding your defense strategy. As the case progresses, he will litigate any evidentiary motions as your DUI attorney, should the need arise to do so. He will negotiate settlements in certain cases, and where settlement is impossible or inappropriate, he will represent you at trial. Throughout the process, he will provide you with any necessary information regarding automobile impoundment, ignition interlock devices, DUI driving school and evaluation, and hardship licenses.

If you are in the Clearwater, FL, area and are in need of a DUI attorney, please contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. Although Charles Holloway cannot promise to achieve a specific result in your DUI case, he can promise to represent you with integrity and to the best of his ability and effort.