Automobile Impound

When a person is convicted of DUI in Florida, they may be subjected to a number of punishments including: fines, court costs, DUI School, alcohol evaluation and treatment, community service, probation, license suspension, and incarceration. Often added to these is the cost and inconvenience of the impoundment of their automobile.

Impoundment refers to a sentence by the Court whereby the driver is ordered to have their vehicle essentially immobilized for a set period of time (e.g. 10 to 90 days). This is specifically made a condition of probation and must be completed within the period designated for probation.

Impoundment is normally implemented by the sheriff’s department. The sheriff contacts the driver with a date and time to place a sticker on the vehicle, which results in the vehicle being effectively immobilized for the time prescribed. The vehicle is generally not mechanically immobilized, but driving of the vehicle during the prescribed time period is forbidden. If the person should be caught driving the vehicle, they could be arrested and charged with a violation of their probation. The vehicle is normally not towed to another location but is required to be parked on the person’s property, where the sticker is plainly visible.

If the driver and his family will be greatly inconvenienced by the impoundment of the vehicle, the Court is permitted to dismiss this condition. The law states that this may occur if the Court finds that the family of the owner of the vehicle has no other private means of transportation.

A recent amendment of Chapter 316 permits private companies to provide impoundment and immobilization services. One such company is: Stones Immobilization Service (727-771-3047).

The benefits of this particular service include:

(1) Service is provided to both Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

(2) Privacy is improved, as the vehicle can be stored in the owner’s garage or on another property.

(3) No sticker is placed on the windshield, but a security club is locked onto the steering wheel.

(4) The owner does not have to wait to be sentenced in order to begin, as the impoundment can be completed prior to a plea and sentence.

(5) There is a flat fee regardless of the period of impoundment.

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