Expungement Lawyer Clearwater FLExpungement Lawyer Charles Holloway Offers Services to Clearwater, FL, Area Residents

Expungement lawyer Charles Holloway has significant experience helping clients in the Clearwater, Florida, area limit public access to their arrest history, by either expunging or sealing their criminal records. When criminal records are “expunged,” it means that both physical and digital copies of the records must be destroyed. When criminal records are “sealed,” on the other hand, it means that the records simply must be kept confidential, and not necessarily destroyed.

The question of whether an expungement lawyer in the Clearwater, FL, area can help you expunge or seal a criminal record generally depends on the outcome of the charges at issue. An arrest typically leads to one of the following five outcomes:

  • The prosecutor decides not to file charges against you.
  • The prosecutor files charges against you, but then drops the charges.
  • The court dismisses the charges against you.
  • The court finds you guilty of the charges against you, but declines to convict you of the charges (also referred to as “withholding the adjudication of guilt”).
  • The court convicts you of the charges against you.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, it may be possible for an expungement lawyer to expunge your criminal records so long as the court never found you to be guilty (i.e., either the prosecutor or the court dismissed the charges against you). It may be possible for an expungement lawyer to seal your criminal records, even if the court found you to be guilty, so long as the court never convicted you of the charges (i.e., the court withheld the adjudication of guilt). If the court convicted you of criminal charges, however, those records cannot be expunged or sealed. Notably, if you’ve ever been convicted of any criminal charges whatsoever, an expungement lawyer will not be able to help you expunge or seal any criminal records in Florida, even if your conviction was unrelated to the criminal records at issue.

If you’re in the Clearwater, FL, area and you’re interested in limiting public access to your arrest history, please contact expungement lawyer Charles Holloway so that he can help you determine whether you may qualify for expungement or sealing. He has extensive experience preparing and filing expungement/sealing applications, as well as negotiating with the State Attorney and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and he can provide you with helpful information regarding removing your criminal record information from electronic databases, if necessary.