Restraining Order Violation Clearwater FLCharged with a Restraining Order Violation in the Clearwater, FL, Area? Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Charles Holloway Right Away to Begin Preparing Your Defense

Being charged with a restraining order violation can lead to serious civil and criminal penalties. Clearwater, Florida, attorney Charles Holloway has extensive experience defending clients charged with violating restraining orders, and he can help walk you through this often-confusing process.

In Clearwater and throughout the State of Florida, a restraining order (also referred to as an “injunction for protection”) can be issued pursuant to the following four categories:

  • Dating Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Repeat Violence
  • Sexual Violence

Although the terms of a restraining order are specific to each case, they often prohibit the respondent (the person whom the order is against) from having any contact with the petitioner (the person who obtained the order). A restraining order may also direct the respondent to remain a certain distance away from the petitioner, attend counseling, or surrender weapons, and it can affect child custody/visitation and child support orders.

The terms of a restraining order can be confusing, and this confusion can often make it difficult for the respondent to comply with the order. A restraining order violation can lead to the respondent being criminally charged with a first-degree misdemeanor, which can result in up to one year of jail time or probation and/or $1,000.00 in fines. If the alleged restraining order violation involves a separate crime, such as stalking, the respondent could face more severe penalties. Certain violations (often those involving interstate activity) can also constitute crimes under the federal Violence Against Women Act.

If you’ve been charged with a restraining order violation in the Clearwater, FL, area, please contact Attorney Charles Holloway right away so that he can begin preparing your defense. He will consult with you regarding your defense strategies and options, possibly including seeking that the underlying restraining order be dismissed based on new or additional evidence. Although he will attempt to negotiate a settlement where appropriate, in the event that your case is not settled or dismissed, he will represent you at trial. While Charles Holloway cannot promise specific results, he can promise to represent you with integrity and to the very best of his ability and effort.