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Our Role as Your DUI Lawyer & Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, & Greater Tampa Bay

Because of his more than 30 years of combined experience as a prosecutor, DUI Attorney, and Criminal Defense Attorney in Florida, Charles Holloway, P.A., is able to thoroughly assess every case, protect your rights, and advise you of the options available. With a convenient office in Clearwater, Charles Holloway can perform several roles as your Attorney as he assists in the defense of your case. Whether your case is being handled in a Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, or Circuit Criminal courtroom, Charles Holloway can act as your:

  • Intervenor
  • Investigator
  • Negotiator
  • Litigator

To understand the importance of these roles, please read the following brief descriptions.


Once you have been accused or arrested, law enforcement will summarize their investigation in writing and submit the matter to the State Attorney’s Office for their consideration. Some cases may be capable of resolution before the State Attorney files formal charges. The opportunity to successfully persuade the State of Florida to dismiss or reduce charges at this early stage requires the engagement of a Florida Criminal Defense or Florida DUI Lawyer as soon as possible.


Your Attorney will gather relevant information from a variety of sources, including yourself, your witnesses, police reports, evidence lists, video and audio tapes, reports of experts, and depositions. Some cases also may benefit from the services of a private investigator.

This information enables your Attorney to evaluate your case and advise you whether to seek a dismissal of the charges, engage in a plea bargain and settlement of your case, or take the case to trial.


Your Attorney should draw upon his past experience in criminal trial law in order to negotiate the best possible settlement of your case. Most cases are capable of settlement without the need for a trial.


If efforts to negotiate a settlement of your case are unsuccessful, your Attorney should be both willing and able to represent you at Trial. Your Attorney should possess the experience and training necessary to perform at a high level of competence in trial practice. Regular attendance at Trial Practice Seminars is important to ensure that your Attorney stays on the cutting edge of the most recent developments in Criminal Law and Trial Practice.

As soon as possible after you are accused or arrested, you should consult with a DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney to assure the best possible outcome of your case. By consulting with a Lawyer quickly, you will allow a maximum amount of time for your Attorney to intervene, investigate, negotiate, and litigate the charges against you in a Pinellas, Hillsborough, or Pasco courtroom. Please call (727) 446-8303 to schedule a free initial consultation with Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI Attorney Charles Holloway, P.A., at his office in Clearwater.

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