What Does an Expungement Lawyer Do?

Expungement Lawyer Seminole FLA lot of people in Seminole, Florida, and beyond have heard of criminal defense attorneys and divorce attorneys, but not as many are familiar with expungement attorneys. So, what exactly does an expungement lawyer do? The short answer is that an expungement lawyer helps people limit public access to their criminal records. This can only be accomplished under a certain set of circumstances.

When Can Criminal Records Be Expunged?

An expungement lawyer can attempt to expunge someone’s criminal records if the court never found them to be guilty, such as when:

  • The prosecutor decided not to file charges against them
  • The prosecutor filed charges against them, but subsequently dropped the charges
  • The prosecutor filed charges against them, but the court dismissed the charges

Is Expunging Criminal Records the Same Thing as Sealing Them?

You may have heard someone say that their records were “sealed.” Expunging someone’s criminal records is not the same thing as sealing them. A person may be able to seal their records even if they were found to be guilty, so long as they were never convicted of the charges (for instance, if the court found them to be guilty, but decided to withhold the adjudication of guilt).

The end result is also different. When someone’s records are expunged, all copies of the records are destroyed. This includes physical and digital copies. When someone’s records are sealed, on the other hand, the records are kept confidential, but not necessarily destroyed. An experienced expungement lawyer will be able to let you know whether you potentially qualify for expungement or sealing.

If you’re looking to restrict the public’s access to your criminal records, you can feel confident entrusting your case to local sealing and expungement lawyer Charles Holloway. He has been practicing criminal defense law in the Seminole, FL, area for more than 30 years, and he’ll do whatever he can to help you move on with your life.