What Types of Cases Does a Defense Attorney Handle?

Defense Attorney Clearwater FLHave you ever wondered about the types of cases that a defense attorney may handle on a day-to-day basis? A lot of courtroom television shows depict lawyers defending clients charged with violent crimes like murder and assault, but defense attorneys often handle a much wider range of cases, such as:

DUI Cases

When someone is charged with driving under the influence, it’s generally a good idea for them to hire a defense attorney. DUI convictions can lead to severe penalties — oftentimes including imprisonment, substantial fines, and loss of driving privileges — so it’s important to seek advice from a seasoned DUI lawyer.

Probation Violation Cases

If someone is convicted of a crime, the court may place them on probation. This means that the defendant will be allowed to remain in the community, as opposed to being incarcerated, so long as they follow certain rules. For example, they may need to abstain from alcohol and drugs, attend counseling, and report to their probation officer at agreed-upon times. A qualified defense attorney is an excellent resource for anyone charged with violating the terms of their probation.

Sealing & Expungement Cases

Sealing and expungement come into play when someone is trying to limit public access to their criminal records. In certain circumstances, a defense attorney may be able to get someone’s criminal records destroyed (in expungement cases) or kept confidential (in sealing cases).

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