Attorney Reviews from our Clients

Client Endorsements for Charles Holloway, P.A.

Mr. Holloway has received many letters of gratitude from his clients over the years. Below are just a few examples of endorsements he has received.

5/3/2016 – Michele

I highly recommend Charles Holloway, he is quick to respond and truly cares about his clients. His staff is superb and prompt at returning calls and arranging meetings. Charles will work on a weekend to assist you in any legality matters. I have referred several clients to him and will continue to hand out his business cards. We had several juvenile incidents and were very successful in our outcome. Charles explains the circumstances and the situation in terms anyone can thoroughly understand and is confident in his delivery. My family and I are very pleased with Charles Holloway and his executive administrative assistance. Call Charles if you want to win your case!

3/20/2016 – James

A lawyer who cares. He’s a rare breed.

Charles explained everything to me so I knew exactly what to expect. While the state had a strong case against me, he believed in my virtue. Not judging me and understanding my side of the story was probably not easy but he truly cared and was ready to fight all the way for me. Some lawyers will just take your money and push you through the motions but he explained all my options and let me choose, which really calmed me. I was facing up to 15 years and left court on 3 years probation, which was my choice even though Mr Holloway said we could fight it. He truly cares and is understanding at a time it is most important.

3/18/2016 – Nichita

The best attorney I could expect!

Mr Holloway helped me with the DUI charge and some other criminal cases which I was charged with. Although all I did I was at the wrong time with the wrong people at the wrong place, it was nevertheless important to prove it in the court. Mr. Holloway helped me understand the case in its entirety and he fought for the charge reduction. I ended up being on probation which was drastically reduced after 6 month thanks to Mr Holloway incredible knowledge, impeccable reputation among the peers and out of the box solutions to the most challenging situations. I would recommend Mr Holloway to anyone who got in trouble and needs the best possible case resolution in a heartbeat.

10/21/2015 – Charlene

Recently, I was in need of assistance of a Defense Attorney, upon referral from a friend that was well pleased with outcome of his situation, I contacted Defense Attorney Charles Holloway, P.A. for free initial consultation. After the consultation, I knew he was the right person to represent me in my situation due to his mannerism, expertise and ability to make one feel relaxed and less stressed. After following his suggestions and recommendations re: mandatory classes, consultations etc. and early completions, he was successful in the negotiations to get the charges greatly reduced. Hopefully, I will never need to consult a Defense Attorney in the future, but if the situation ever comes up, my first phone call will be to contact Mr. Charles Holloway. I will recommend him to anyone I know that may need assistance. I am 100 percent pleased with the outcome of my situation. Thank you Mr. Holloway.

10/21/2015 – Mac

I am not a client of Mr. Charles Holloway, however I provided transportation to two friends on separate occasions that were clients. I was totally impressed with Mr. Holloway and staff and listening to ongoing conversations with my friends, I concluded that if ever I needed assistance from a Defense Attorney, he is the first contact I will make. I was quite relieved with final outcomes on my two friends charges. I witnessed two for two situations with highly successful results. Two for two – doesn’t get any better than that! I highly recommend Mr. Charles Holloway.

5/23/2015 – Anonymous

Excellent Defense

Mr. Holloway was recommended to us by our neighbor when our son was arrested for trespass. What seemed like a small thing, blossomed into 3 felony changes due to kids he was with having weapons in their possession. Mr. Holloway took his case within minutes and had to appear at court the next day. His guidance, knowledge and calm demeanor gave us the reassurance that everything was going to be just fine. We would have been so lost and anxious if we would have tried going through the process without him. He was able to convince the judge to release our son immediately and start the process of reparations. Because he was so diligent, the charges were eventually dropped and our son was placed in a diversion program for minors. Once our son fulfilled the community service requirements and classes, Mr. Holloway contacted us to have his record expunged/sealed. Mr. Holloway knew the importance of this so it didn’t affect our son’s ability to find jobs or work with certain people in the future. He was incredibly kind and calming to our son as well. Because of Mr. Holloway, this is now just a blip on the radar instead of our son paying forever for a very dumb decision. We would definitely hire Mr. Holloway as our lawyer again if ever needed.