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If you’ve been charged with DUI, your first thoughts may turn to whether you can successfully defend yourself against the charge. Due to severe Florida DUI penalties and evidence which may be used against you, it is highly recommended that you consult with a DUI Attorney with experience in Florida including Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties. Charles Holloway, P.A., is a DUI Lawyer with more than 30 years of combined experience as a Tampa Bay area prosecutor and private practice Attorney in Clearwater. Through his decades of experience serving both sides of the courtroom, Charles Holloway has found the following factors may help establish an effective defense against a DUI charge:

Driving distractions:

Talking on a cell phone
Engaging in conversation with a passenger
Listening to music
Eating food

Mechanical condition of automobile:

Poor brakes
Weak suspension
Steering malfunction

Infractions which are not necessarily related to alcohol impairment:

Running a red light
Turning without a signal

Law enforcement has a legally insufficient reason to stop the driver:

Stopping a driver due to late hour or proximity to a bar
Stopping a driver for minor driving behaviors
Stopping a driver due to mere suspicion of illegal behavior


Little sleep or late hour contributing to fatigue
Driver suffering from a cold or allergy
Speech naturally quiet or spoken with an accent
Driver wearing dirty work clothes

Physical tests:

Driver nervous or scared
Driver distracted
Driver has disability which affects performance on tests
Driver’s natural lack of coordination and balance
Poor environment for tests (inadequate lighting, close proximity to traffic, ground not level)
Tests not adequately explained or demonstrated


Driver not informed of Miranda Rights before interrogation
The Accident Report privilege might make some statements inadmissible as evidence
Police misunderstood or misinterpreted Driver’s statements

Breath, urine, and blood tests:

Driver not properly informed of implied consent
Intoxilyzer (Breathalyzer) not properly maintained
Intoxilyzer or operator not properly certified
Failure of Police to observe Driver for 20 minutes prior to test
Failure to give 2 proper tests
Driver taking legal medication or cough syrup
Urine or Blood samples improperly taken, preserved or analyzed

Being accused or arrested for DUI is a highly stressful situation that can overwhelm you if you do not have proper legal representation. Speaking with a Tampa Bay DUI Attorney is your first, best step toward presenting a strong defense against the accusations against you. Please call (727) 446-8303 to schedule a free initial consultation with DUI Attorney Charles Holloway, P.A., at his office in Clearwater.

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