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Before pulling you over for suspicion of DUI, police may look for a particular set of driving behaviors. Then, once you are stopped, the police will look for other circumstances and tests to validate their suspicion that you are driving under the influence. To establish your DUI defense in Florida, experienced DUI Attorney Charles Holloway, P.A., will work diligently on your behalf to question the evidence in your DUI case. The following is a partial list of factors which may become evidence during a DUI arrest in Clearwater:

DUI Driving Evidence:

Extremely wide or close turns
Weaving between or over lane dividers
Striking or nearly striking another vehicle or object
Extremely fast or slow rate of speed
Running a red light or stop sign
Stopping for no apparent reason
Following too close
Erratic braking
Abrupt turns
Headlights off

Behaviors as Evidence:

Odor of Alcohol
Slurred or mumbled speech
Slow reaction to directions
Blood shot or watery eyes
Flushed face
Disheveled Clothing

Coordination Tests:

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus HGN (tests fine motor coordination of the eyes)
Walk and Turn (tests coordination while walking a straight line)
One Leg Stand (tests coordination while standing with one leg raised)
Finger to Nose (tests coordination while touching finger to nose, with eyes closed)

Physical Tests Requested by Police:

Breath test (Intoxilyzer or Breathalyzer)
Urine test
Blood test

If you are subjected to DUI tests by police, there are several situations to consider. For example, any statements you make, either spontaneously or after interrogation, may be used against you. In addition, results of a breath, urine, or blood test showing alcohol levels of .08% or higher are evidence of DUI impairment in all parts of Florida, including a Tampa Bay DUI. Refusal to take DUI tests may also be used as evidence against you in a DUI case.

When you consider the amount of evidence that may be used against you in your DUI case, it’s all the more reason to be represented by an experienced DUI Attorney like Charles Holloway, P.A. For a free initial consultation with a DUI Attorney and former prosecutor in Clearwater, Tampa, or St. Petersburg, call (727) 446-8303. Charles Holloway will be glad to meet with you and discuss the evidence in your case.

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