DUI Lawyer Dunedin FLDUI Lawyer Charles Holloway Offers Free Initial Consultations to Individuals in the Dunedin, FL, Area and Beyond

DUI lawyer Charles Holloway, who has been serving clients in the Dunedin, Florida, area and beyond for more than 30 years, offers potential clients a free initial consultation regarding their charges. At the end of your consultation, Charles Holloway will provide you with a realistic evaluation of your case and can work with you as your DUI lawyer to begin developing your defense strategy.

DUI lawyer Charles Holloway’s office is conveniently located near Dunedin, FL. We recommend that you bring the following items to your free initial consultation, as doing so will make the most efficient use of your time by helping us to quickly learn many of the facts relating to your charges:

  • Police documents — You should bring any items that you have obtained from the police, which may include a ticket or citation issued by the arresting officer, an arrest report, reports regarding your performance on roadside sobriety tests, reports regarding your results on blood/breath tests, and search inventory reports. If you have access to it, we also recommend that you bring a copy of any videotape recorded by the arresting officer’s body camera or dashboard camera.
  • Court documents — You should also bring any materials that you have received from the court that will be deciding your DUI case. These materials may include bail paperwork (including any paperwork from a bail bond agency) and a complaint filed by the lawyer for the prosecution. Most importantly, please bring with you any documents that list the date and time of your next court appearance. Please also bring paperwork regarding any prior convictions, whether for driving under the influence or any other crime.
  • Personal notes — We also recommend that you write down everything you remember about your arrest as soon as possible for review by a DUI lawyer. Your notes should include information on what you were doing in the hours prior to your arrest, the manner in which you were driving immediately prior to the stop, what the arresting officer said and did during the stop, how you performed on field sobriety tests, what happened following the arrest, and the names and contact information (if known) of any witnesses to the incident. We also recommend that you write down any questions that you may have for DUI lawyer Charles Holloway prior to the consultation.

If you were charged with driving under the influence in the Dunedin, FL, area, please contact DUI lawyer Charles Holloway to schedule your free initial consultation. While Charles Holloway cannot promise to achieve a specific result in your DUI case, he certainly vows to represent you with integrity, and to the best of his effort and ability as your lawyer.