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Expungement Attorney Dunedin FLIf you’re seeking to restrict public access to your criminal records, turn to Charles Holloway, an accomplished sealing and expungement attorney serving the Dunedin, Florida, community. Charles Holloway offers his clients more than three decades of experience, along with a promise to always represent them with integrity and to the very best of his effort and ability.

Sealing vs. Expungement

Sealing and expungement may sound similar, but they actually involve different types of relief. When someone’s criminal records are sealed, it means that the records have to be kept confidential, but they won’t necessarily be destroyed. When someone’s records are expunged, however, all physical and digital copies have to be destroyed.

Do You Qualify for Sealing or Expungement?

The question of whether someone will qualify for sealing or expungement will depend on the specific circumstances of their case, so it’s important to seek advice from an experienced sealing and expungement attorney like Charles Holloway. With that being said, the general rule is that someone can apply to have their records sealed if the court never convicted them of the charges at issue, even if the court found them to be guilty. This might be the case, for example, if the court withheld the adjudication of guilt. Because expungement arguably offers more relief than sealing (destroying the records versus keeping them confidential), it also carries a higher threshold — someone can only have their records expunged if the court never found them guilty of the charges at issue. This might happen if the prosecutor decided not to file charges against them, the prosecutor filed charges but later dropped them, or the prosecutor filed charges but the court dismissed them.

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