Probation Violation Attorney Dunedin FLProbation Violation Attorney Charles Holloway is Available to Assist Clients in the Dunedin, FL, Area

Charles Holloway, an experienced probation violation attorney, is currently taking on new clients in the Dunedin, Florida, area. He has more than 30 years of experience practicing law in this locality, including three years working as an Assistant State Attorney in Pinellas County. This prosecutorial background has provided him with a unique perspective on criminal law that is particularly helpful when negotiating resolutions to alleged violations of probation.

If you’ve been charged with violating the terms of your probation in the Dunedin, FL, area or beyond, it’s imperative that you seek assistance from a seasoned probation violation attorney as soon as possible, as violations could potentially lead to the following punishments:

  • Extension — The length of your probation could be extended.
  • Fines/restitution — You may be ordered to pay a fine to the court. You could also be directed to pay restitution to the victim of the crime you allegedly committed (your original crime or the crime you were alleged to have committed when violating probation).
  • Jail time — You could be incarcerated.
  • Rehabilitation — If you violated the terms of your probation by using alcohol or drugs, you may be ordered to attend a rehabilitation program.
  • Revocation — Your probation could be revoked, meaning that you could potentially have to serve the sentence for your original crime.

Your chances of being issued the above penalties will depend on various factors, including how you violated the terms of your probation and whether you ever previously committed a violation of probation.

If you’ve been charged with committing a probation violation, please call attorney Charles Holloway, whose office is conveniently located close to Dunedin, FL. He has extensive experience serving local clients as a probation violation attorney, and he has successfully resolved the majority of his cases without his clients having to undergo an evidentiary hearing. We would be happy to help you set up a free initial consultation.